Police and Prosecutor continue searches in Dos Santos’ investigation

POSTED: 07/14/11 12:15 PM

WILLEMSTAD/GREAT BAY – Justice Officials in Curacao searched the offices of Speedy Security on Wednesday as part of their investigation into charges of money laundering, forgery and tax evasion that have been brought against the owner of Robbie’s Lottery – Robbie dos Santos. Police have also announced that they found unregistered guns in the lottery owner’s home and at the company’s head office in St. Maarten.

Dos Santos and family left Curacao on a vacation on Monday. The businessman’s lawyers say they’ve discussed the situation with him as far as they could over the phone but have not given a firm reaction on the charges, which they have yet to officially see.  They did mention though that their client has responded with disbelief and denial to the charges of money laundering and forgery and is unclear about the charge of tax evasion. One of Dos Santo’s attorneys – Everett Wilsoe – has also questioned the timing of the search.

“It’s probably easier to do the search when the person is away, than when the individual is here,” Wilsoe said.

It’s not clear who is defending Dos Santos at the moment. Wilsoe has issued a statement, but reports indicate that his colleague Gelmer Peter is also on the case as is Kid Martina, Sigmar Carmelia and Wouter Tielkemeijer – a former prosecutor turned defense lawyer. Jairo Bloem is Dos Santos’ legal representative in St. Maarten. He is working with Eldon ‘Peppie’ Sulvaran.

“The manager and the staff cooperated with the prosecutor and the police and today the office was open as normal,” Bloem said.


A total of eight locations have been searched as part of the investigation – three on St. Maarten and five in Curacao. The searches in Curacao include Dos Santos’ home, co-defendant Kenneth Locadia’s home, the home of Finance Minister George Jamaloodin’s mother, Speedy Security and TAM Consultants. Here in St. Maarten officers visited the Robbie’s Lottery head office, Syntac Accounting and Pan American Justice Services – a money transport company which transports the daily yield. Money, weapons, documents and computers was seized on both islands. Here in St. Maarten officials froze a bank account and the man they held for weapons possession has nothing to do with the case against Dos Santos. He’s now been turned over to the local police.


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