Police accused of corruption in handling complaints

POSTED: 04/20/12 2:35 PM

St. Maarten – Rosendo Agatha says he’s not happy that police have thus far refused to take complaints that he wishes to file against an officer and his own son. This is not the first time he’s had trouble. He also tried filing a complaint in 2007 and even after writing it himself, he said it never went any further.

Agata’s latest run in with police was on April 10 because of a disagreement with his son, who he was trying to discipline. The young man threatened him and Agata forced him from their home. Police showed up later in the evening and took both men to the station. The next day Agata’s son was released but he was kept in detention, even though he said he wished to press charges.

“The Acting Prosecutor told me they are keeping me because I am disgusting,” Agata said.

The complaint against the officer has to do with the fact that the officer bent Agata’s hand during the arrest, kneed him in his torso and threw him to the ground. To date Agata has not been able to file his complaint and has not been able to have an audience with Police Chief Peter de Witte to discuss his allegations. He has recently visited the Public Prosecutor to discuss his allegations, but he was referred back to the police.

“I want to abuse the corruption and abuse of power where the police refuse to accept complaints, people are wrongfully charged and there are unjustified arrests,” Agata said.

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