Police Academy deemed unsafe and unhealthy

POSTED: 06/8/11 1:52 PM

WILLEMSTAD – A new report says that the buildings of the Training Institute for Law, Public Safety and Security (Police Academy) are in poor condition, unsafe and unhealthy. The report was drafted by Inspector Elrick Ruiter and has been sent to Parliament, because the facility’s management has not received any response from Justice Minister Elmer Wilsoe beyond a preliminary reaction where he states, “You should see the office I am in.”

The ORV building, which is in Rio Canario, is a wooden building that once served as the temporary home of Coast Guard employees. The report now shows that it proves unfit for serving as living space since 2006. The problems include floors in need of repair and condensation from air conditioners at one end of the building has caused mold to grow and the wood to rot. The mold growth has led to respiratory problems for staffers.

The report also states that bacteria abound in the bathroom where the toilets are made entirely of wood. The toilets also overflow constantly, because the cess pit is constantly full. There is also a leak from the attic and the management has put up plastic cups to deal with the flow. Samples of the water have been sent to the laboratory for examination.

The staircase for the emergency exit is also a reason for concern because the attachments holding it to the wall have loosened and one can push away from the wall in a swinging motion.


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