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POSTED: 08/5/11 1:15 PM

St. Maarten – The organizer and poets of Summer Speaks 2011 are thanking the community for their support of the event. This year’s event was executed without a hitch and the event’s founder and organizer Lysanne Charles is “extremely proud of the efforts the poets had put into their performances.”
“This was the third year that we held Summer Speaks and I don’t feel I’m exaggerating when I say that this was the best one yet. Everyone illustrated that we are growing, both as writers and as performers; that we are pushing each other and really inspiring each other to give it our all. Seeing and experiencing that was really beautiful,” Charles said.
Charles added that much of the inspiration and support for the event came from Clara Reyes, the founder and director of Imbali Center for Creative Movement, who had provided encouragement from initial run in 2009.
“Clara’s reaction to an idea is usually, immediately, ‘Let’s do it’ and that is how it was with Summer Speaks. I threw it out as an idea to work on over time and within a few months we were doing it. So I’m really thankful to her for always encouraging me to step up make things happen instead of hiding behind excuses and procrastination. Her wisdom and support of local arts and artists is amazing,” Charles said.
Charles said that this year’s event would not have been possible had a suitable venue not been found and thanked Norman and Su Wathey and the staff of Taloula Mango for providing the much needed space.
“Every year I try to find a different restaurant to partner with, always keeping in mind the mood that I want to set for the poets and for the audiences. Thus far we have worked with Top Carrot and the former Crazy Thyme in Simpson Bay, Sheika’s Bistro in Philipsburg and now Taloula Mango on the Boardwalk and in every case the support was beautiful. So I want to thank all of those businesses for helping us on this journey, with a special thanks to Norman and Su for their generosity and support this year,” Charles said.
Charles also wanted to thank the members of the community who attended one, two or all three of the nights. She explained that the proceeds collected, after paying for event related expenses like tickets, snacks, etc, would be used to create a foundation which would aim to bring the series to an even higher level and also take spoken word into the high schools in the upcoming year.

“I have to say that community support was terrific this year. Each night we had a strong, supportive audience and that really inspired the poets and they were appreciative of that. So I want to take this opportunity, on their behalf, to thank all of those who came out and supported us. More of their work will be on highlighted during the Winter’s Words later in the year and their efforts will be instrumental in developing a new generation of young St. Maarten poet when we launch Soualigan Fyah within short,” Charles said.
Charles also thanked all of the poets and artists who showed up and made the event a success. She extended deep appreciation to Peter ‘Jack Stone’ Lake, Giovanni ‘Gino’ Olivacce, Lenworth Wilson, Jurnice Richardson, Lucinda ‘La Rich’ Audain, Roberto Arrindell, Anderson Percival, Lorenzo ‘Sigma’ Gomez, Marianne Tefft, and Stephan ‘Stretch’ Rodney. She also thanked Morenika Arrrindell and Lena Browne for their performances on night one, ‘GC’ for their set on night two and House Appliances for bringing down the house on the final night.

“Without the collaborative effort of the poets, the performers, the supporters and the like, this event would not have been successful, but at day’s end it was and so I have to be extremely thankful for that. We accomplished what we set out to do, which is raise money towards establishing the foundation and for that we are thankful. So from the poets and organizer to you, Thank you St. Maarten,” Charles said.

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