PM wants navy to lead social formation for jobless youth

POSTED: 09/13/12 12:56 PM

St. Maarten – Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams is optimistic that the establishment of a naval base here by Dutch marines could result in the door being opened for a social formation program for unemployed young people, as well.

The PM said yesterday that St. Maarten was quite pleased to see the haste with which the Minister of Defense was attempting to establish a navy base here.

“The possibility is there with the establishment of this base to enter into a program for our unemployed young people to get a formation or education in order for them to be a part of the working population of the country,” the prime minister said.

She alluded to similar being conducted in Aruba as a result of a national ordinance passed last year. The program targets Social Formation Program for young men between ages 18 to 24 and is conducted by marines.

“As we look as the number of unemployed youngsters, we have a lot of unemployed young men and anything that we can do to bring down that number this government will pursue to make that happen,” the prime minister noted.

As part of the Netherlands Antilles, St.Maarten was part of the Social Formation Program.

“That did not work out the way that we would have liked it to work out for different reasons. But in this case we have an example on Aruba so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel,” the leader of government stated.


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