PM: Screening new tourism minister may take 2 weeks

POSTED: 06/27/13 3:26 PM

St. Maarten – While speculation remains rife in the community that the candidate minister for the Ministry of  Tourism, Economic Affairs, Aviation, Transportation and Telecommunication will be coming from neighboring island, Curacao, Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams remains mum on the name of the nominee. Yesterday, she explained that the screening process is still not completed and could take another two weeks, before the successful candidate is announced.

“Like I had mentioned when all of the candidate ministers were being vetted for this cabinet I would not want to divulge the name because that is a process towards appointment. But the nomination is in process. My guess is maybe two weeks but don’t hold me to it because if an agency tells me that we cannot report to yourself and the governor within that time span, I’ll have to take that into consideration,” the prime minister said.

On June 14, the third Wescot-Williams cabinet was sworn in, but it was one short. Independent Member of Parliament Romain Laville who was nominated for the post of tourism minister failed the mandatory screening test for ministers of government. The name of a new candidate had to be proffered. But the vetting process appears to be taking longer than usual.

Prime Minister Wescot-Williams within the screening regulations there is no mention of a candidate minister needing to be a resident of St. Maarten at the time of nomination.

“The matter of writing in and writing out (of Curacao) which will have to happen once  a final decision has been made is not part of the discussions or the actions right now that is taking time,” she added.

In the meantime, the prime minister is now bearing responsibility for the ministry of tourism.


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