PM: police force has come a long way

POSTED: 10/5/12 1:05 PM

St. Maarten – Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams was the keynote speaker at the NAPB police union congress at the Festival Village on Wednesday. She focused on the strides made by the police force since the constitutional changes of 10-10-10.
Wescot-Williams said that the police force has come a long way since the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles; “We have come a very long way from our less than ideal starting position. We have been able to make significant strides and made what is becoming a significant, effective and professional police force for our new country. We have defied the nay-sayers, we have defied them to such an extent that today some of our fiercest critics must admit that we have managed considerably well considering all that was given to us.”
The PM said that the police have the significant task of providing safety to the community and that the union in its representation has to consider that aspect as well. “This two year anniversary of country St. Maarten is a good time to take stock as a union, a police force and the individual members of the union of the situation at hand, of where we have left off and where we are going and the significant strides we have made to achieve our goals. We should also examine collectively what is necessary to make the police force into one of the most professional and effective law enforcement organization in the region. I encourage you to build on your personal and institutional capacities to make this a reality.”

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