Plenty of parking for parliamentarians

POSTED: 08/8/11 12:28 PM

St. Maarten– Members of parliament will have one problem solved when they return to work today:  they will all be able to park comfortably at the Clem Labega Square parking at walking distance from the parliament building on the Wilhelmina Street.

To accommodate parliamentarians and parliament staff the government has reserved 27 parking spaces on the square, the complete left hand section closest to the RBTT building.

Yesterday the reserved parking spaces were already cordoned off with steel barriers. Members of parliament and the parliament staff will take up more than a third of the available parking space on the square which has a capacity of 80 official spaces plus an additional five or six on the sidewalks.

Parliament President Gracita Arrindell said yesterday morning on Soualiga Radio that parking space is essential for parliamentarians but that nobody had thought about this when the decision was taken to house the parliament building next to the courthouse in the Caribbean Palm building smack in the middle of town. “Before 10-10-10, decisions were taken in a hasty manner,” Arrindell said.

She indicated that the Parliament will most likely move out of the expensive building it currently occupies after the seven-year contract expires seven years from now.

“We have to start thinking now about what we want to do once that contract expires. We should not wait with this, but we should start thinking now about a different location.”

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