Plasterk announces possible intervention in Curacao

POSTED: 11/23/12 12:50 PM

THE HAGUE – Kingdom Relations Minister Ronald Plasterk told the Second Chamber that the Kingdom government will intervene if Curacao does not get its finances in order in a hurry. The Kingdom Council of Ministers gave Curacao an instruction to balance its budget on July 13. To arrive at a balanced budget, also for the coming years, Curacao has to cut costs by hundreds of millions of guilders.
“The interim government is making serious efforts but in the meantime nothing has happened yet,” Plasterk told the parliament. “The financial situation continues to be worrisome. Not abiding by an instruction is a serious shortcoming.”
According to Plasterk it is possible that Curacao lands in an untenable situation that will force the Netherlands to intervene. What exactly the government will do when this happens, Plasterk did not say. He did indicate however that measures have to be proportional and that they have to focus on restoring a situation of normalcy.
The Netherlands provided debt relief to the former Netherlands Antilles to the tune of €1.5 billion ($1.95 billion) in 2010, but in spite of this, Curacao is still looking at a deficit of €70 million ($91 million).

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