Pierre Aliotti returns to work

POSTED: 06/24/11 12:37 PM

MARIGOT, St. Martin – Vice-President with responsibility for Sustainable Development and Urban Planning Pierre Aliotti returned to work Thursday morning, some three days after being arrested. Police arrested Aliotti on suspicion he is involved in irregularities around construction of Villa Saillant in French St. Martin Lowlands.

In a statement Aliotti thanked the people who have expressed their support for him and spoken words of encouragement. He also thanked the French newspaper for its objectivity.

“I am happy to be back here this morning, and I owe it to the investigating magistrate who could make the difference between rumor, gossip and reality. It was natural, in my capacity as elected member, in charge of the sustainable development Department and of urban planning to have been heard in the context of this case, I take full responsibility. What is important for me today is to go back to work within the community and to continue to work for the general interest of the population,” Aliotti said.

He added, “I am an honest man and I trust justice which, I am sure, will prove it.”


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