Philips, Prosecutor’s Office still have outstanding issues

POSTED: 11/25/10 11:20 PM

St. Maarten – An announcement that Inspector Carlton Phillips and the Public Prosecutors Office have reached an agreement does not single an end to the matter. His former attorney Reynold Groeneveldt, now the country’s Acting Governor, says they still have to deal with the charge that he divulged confidential information.
The brokering of the agreement was announced September 12 in a joint statement after a meeting between Phillips, the Chief of Police Peter de Witte, the Acting Chief Prosecutor Hans Mos, the Criminal Intelligence Department (CID) prosecutor and the Chief of the Judicial Department.
The focus of the gathering was the process to appoint a new head of the CID within the police force and Philip’s specific allegation that the CID Prosecutor had attempted to block his appointment. Parties concluded that “statements made by certain individuals, miscommunication, and at times a serious lack of information had led to the unfortunate situation between the public prosecutor and Inspector Phillips.”
The matter that still stands after the gathering is the charge of divulging confidential information. It relates to a statement Philips made about the police force receiving money it should not have gotten.
“This part of the matter is still pending, and because of the position I have been appointed to I cannot remain his attorney. However I have spoken to the prosecutor and Inspector Philips and we are working a joint statement to resolve that as well. I intend to work with the police management and Minister of Justice to continue to seek an amicable solution,” Groeneveldt said.

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