Philips fails in quest for title

POSTED: 11/12/12 1:35 PM

GREAT BAY- Considering his track record as a kick boxer, fight fans expected a good performance from Junior Philips when he challenged Brian Vaarnold from Suriname for the Thai Caribbean title, but he ran out of gas in the second round, much to the disappointment of many.

That highly anticipated clash between Philips and Vaarnold was the main event of the Fierce & Furious 11 international card which took place at the almost capacity filled LB Scot Sports Auditorium on Saturday.

The first round between the two can only be described as a brawl in what was scheduled to be five two-minute rounds. While some may say, round one was equal, Vaarnold launched a barrage of kicks and punches in the second round and Philips was unable to continue with the fight, losing by a TKO.

But what Philips could not do, was done by some of the other participants during the 14 card event which included battles among females. In the first Thai bout scheduled for 3 x 2 minute rounds, Emerick Losonczy from French Sint Martin with 1 fight and Joey Baghwani from St Martin with 1 win, 1 loss fought to a draw.

Michel Sabrina from Martinique who tipped the scale at 67 kg defeated Priya, a 64 kg fighter from Suriname. Audy Hassell,  fighting in the 60 kg category gave St Maarten its first win by defeating Saw Christian from Martinique, who was two kg lighter by a split decision.

Akeem Lewis, a 71 kg fighter from St Maarten with 3 wins and 3 losses added another victory to his status when his opponent, Alexi Formi, a 76 kg fighter from the French side decided he had enough and the towel was thrown into the ring.


After a short break from the excitement and the heat in the packed auditorium, Gladon Kelly, a 52 kg fighter from Martinique with 2 wins defeated Rebecca Bhola, a 52 kg fighter from Trinidad & Tobago by a unanimous decision.

The fifth bout was an all-French affair with two fighters from the same island facing off in 3 two-minute rounds of Thai Boxing. Hugo Feist won by a split over Matt Balege, both fighters weighed in at 69 kg.

Eliazord Johathan from Martinique, a 69 kg fighter with now wins won by a split decision over Porres Sarabia who already had two fights to his credit, but was 5kg lighter. Patrick Coulange from French Sint Martin won by a unanimous decision over Dimitri Priam from Martinique.

Christopher Cruz from French Sint Martin won against Laurent De Mitri who had two standing eight counts and the fight was stopped. Adamy William from Martinique was crowned as the new Caribbean Thai champion in the 70 kg category after he won by a split decision.

St Maarten’s Nicole Erato, traded her soccer booths for gloves in the 64 kg category and won by a split over Celine Bien Aimee from Martinique, both fighters were making their debut into the ring. Omar Marsham, a 74 kg fighter from St Maarten with 11 wins, 6 losses and 5 draws won by a unanimous decision over Dion Halfhide from Suriname with 6/3/2/1.

And in the penultimate fight of the night, Brian Vaarnold from Suriname (95kg) with 18/5/16/0 defeated Carlos Salazaar from Venezuela (90kg) with 7/2/5/0.

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