Philip Van Delden returns to PPA’s slate

POSTED: 07/5/16 8:54 PM

St. Maarten News – The People’s Progressive Alliance has announced that former candidate Philip van Delden has returned to the PPA slate ahead of the September 2016 elections. In a statement from the party, Van Delden said he is a down to earth person.

Now the question is who Philip is? I am the son of this soil, another down to earth person who grew up with the people of St. Maarten,” Van Delden said. He added: “Many ask me what I have to offer. My reply, genuine love for Sint Maarten and its people, and the drive to make things better for St. Maarten. I’m persistent and passionate in everything I do. My objectives and goals are to help change the system that is bogged down and improve efficiency, because this system is not working for the people of St. Maarten.”

Van Delden said he is ready to represent everyone on St. Maarten. “One man is not an island, and that’s why together we can make a change, for a strong, stable and secure St. Maarten. If we don’t we will see our beautiful island fall to pieces,” he said. 

Growing up on the Friendly Island I spent a lot of my time in almost everybody’s homes and connected with the people. I am willing to work towards bringing back a more caring society, and not afraid to take a stand for what I believe in even if means demonstrating for our rights. Honouring our past, our friendliness and caring society is the legacy I want to leave behind.”

Philip concludes: “We can try to do this individually or we can work together and actually make a difference. This is much bigger than all of us, the passion and fire is inside of me. I’m asking all the people on Sint Maarten to get on this train and make a complete and positive change for all of us.”

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