Personnel costs ministers go up by almost 6 percent

POSTED: 02/27/12 3:49 PM

Draft budget 2012

St. Maarten – Ministers will earn more this year if the parliament approves the 2012 draft budget. The seven members of the Wescot-Williams cabinet will cost the state together 125,578 guilders ($69,765) more than in 2011. The personnel costs for four of the seven ministers will go up by more than 7 percent. Only for Vice Prime Minister Theo Heyliger do they remain practically unchanged, with a minor increase of just 0.14 percent. The average increase is 5.84 percent.

Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams is on the books this year for 333,701 guilders ($176,138) – an increase of 16,653 guilders ($9,252), or 5.25 percent compared to last year.

Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto, Justice Minister Roland Duncan, Education Minister Rhoda Arrindell and Public Health and Labor Minister Cornelius de Weever will all see an additional 21,965 guilders ($12,203) come their way. Their personnel costs stand at 327,309 guilders ($181,838) for this year – an increase of 7.2 percent.

Economic Affairs Minister Franklin Meyers’ personnel costs are projected to go up by 20,623 guilders to 325,967 guilders ($181,093), an increase of 6.75 percent. It is unclear why these costs are almost $750 below those for the other ministers.

Only Vice Prime Minister Theo Heyliger’s personnel costs stay practically on the 2011 level, with a minor increase of 442 guilders ($246) to 305,786 guilders ($169.636).

The total personnel costs for the cabinet members went from 2,148,473 guilders ($1,193,596) to 2,274,051 guilders ($1,263,362).

The personnel costs in the budget are separately listed for each minister. Each minister also has a cabinet and a staff bureau.

Personnel costs at the seven cabinets remained almost steady with an increase of 0.71 percent to 5,249,432 guilders ($2,916,351). The costs per cabinet vary from around 710,000 guilders ($394,444) at the Ministry of Public Housing, Urban Planning, Environment and Infrastructure to almost 770,000 guilders ($427,777) at the ministries of Finance and Education.

Personnel costs at the seven staff bureaus went up with 403,849 guilders or 6.48 percent to a total of 6,029,979 guilders (almost $3,350,000). The most expensive staff bureaus are those of the Prime Minister (1,346,514 guilders, just over $748,000) and the Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor (1,035,102 guilders, just over $575,000). The Finance Ministry spends the least on its staff bureau in terms of personnel costs with 620,672 guilders ($344,817).


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Personnel costs ministers go up by almost 6 percent by

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