Permanent parliamentary committees:  Leona Marlin-Romeo in seven committees – Heyliger in none

POSTED: 11/24/14 7:49 PM

St. Maarten – The Central Committee of Parliament set up ten permanent parliamentary committees yesterday. The makeup of these committees will now be presented to parliament for approval in a public meeting. Most remarkable is the ad hoc committee “for the preparation of the construction of a new building for Parliament.” It consists of MPs Frans Richardson (USp), Franklin Meyers (UP), Leona Marlin-Romeo (independent) and William Marlin (NA).

Marlin-Romeo, currently also President of Parliament, has signed up for most committees: 7 out of ten. UP-leader Theo Heyliger is not a member of any committee. The second lowest subscriber is UP-newcomer Silvio Matser: he sits only on the committee for Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication.

The committees are as follows:

  • Committee of Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure: MPs Frans Richardson (USp), Maurice Lake (UP), Leona Marlin-Romeo (independent), Christopher Emmanuel (NA) and William Marlin (NA).
  • Committee of Justice: MPs Johan Leonard (UP), Silveria Jacobs (NA) and George Pantophlet (NA).
  • Committee of Finance: MPs Frans Richardson, Lloyd Richardson (UP), Leona Marlin-Romeo, George Pantophlet and Sarah Wescot-Williams (DP).
  • Committee of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication: MPs Frans Richardson, Silvio Matser (UP), William Marlin and Tamara Leonard (UP).
  • Committee of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports: MPs Tamara Leonard, Christopher Emmanuel, Silveria Jacobs, Leona Marlin-Romeo, Sarah Wescot-Williams and Maurice Lake.
  • Committee of Healthcare, Social Development and Labor: MPs Tamara Leonard, Silveria Jacobs, Cornelius de Weever and Maurice Lake.
  • Committee of Kingdom Affairs and inter-parliamentary relations: MPs Frans Richardson, Leona Marlin-Romeo, William Marlin, Cornelius de Weever and Sarah Wescot-Williams.
  • Committee for Petitions: MPs Johan Leonard, Leona Marlin-Romeo and Christopher Emmanuel.
  • Committee for Country’s Expenditures: MPs Franklin Meyers, William Marlin, Leona Marlin-Romeo, Cornelius de Weever, Frans Richardson and Sarah Wescot-Williams.
  • The central committee was not in agreement with the proposed makeup of the Committee for Parlatino. The draft makeup is: MPs William Marlin, George Pantophlet, Johan Leonard, Lloyd Richardson and Sarah Wescot-Williams.
  • The Assembly of Faction leaders proposes in the draft that business trips will be undertaken according to the cheapest route. Rules relevant to business trips are established in a document entitled Guidelines for travel Members of Parliament.

The faction leaders furthermore propose that cancellation of planned business trips have to be submitted two weeks before departure date, unless there are unexpected and urgent circumstances.

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Permanent parliamentary committees:  Leona Marlin-Romeo in seven committees - Heyliger in none by

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