Peridot Foundation reports increased web site traffic

POSTED: 01/30/13 2:00 PM

St. Maarten – “On December 23 we were happy to have made one step further in our battle to win the war against domestic or relational violence and keep the awareness on the front burner of the social agenda of our society,” Gracita Arrindell, founder of the Peridot Foundation said in a press release that highlights the increased traffic to the foundation’s web site.

The re-launch of the statue symbol of the awareness campaign Guarding loved ones you may lose is at the center of this awareness campaign. At this event, the foundation’s updated web-site was revealed in the presence of guests like Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams, Minister of Public Health Cornelius de Weever, Chief Public Prosecutor Hans Mos, former Deputy Prime Minister Theodore Heyliger, and Daneshka Sprott.

“We take this opportunity to say thank you to all who took time out of their busy end of the year schedule and lent their support to this event. We are particularly grateful to our sponsors who made this event possible, including Obersi- Xerox, Windward Roads, Ennia, Ace, Atlantis Casino, Sol Sint Maarten, Scotia Bank, the police force and the police drumband. A special gratitude goes out to Kurt Ruan and Alvin Prescott, and management of Le Grand Marché supermarket for providing the space to hold the ceremony,” Arrindell stated

“We are very excited to be moving forward slowly but surely towards meeting one of our main objectives: worldwide fundraising through the sale of our 12 inch bronze statue via our website The proceeds from the sale will go among others towards awareness campaigns in schools, businesses, assisting shelters for abused victims, the police organization for training in the area of victims support, etc. Our foundation makes an appeal to the local business community who has not yet made any contribution to this worthy cause to visit our website and purchase a statue,” Arrindell stated..

“I ask the question,” she added, “If the support does not come from within our own society, how can we expect for others outside of Sint Maarten to care enough to lend their support and make a contribution?”

Since the re-launch in December 2012, the foundation’s website has had a steady increase in traffic. According to our Google and control panel stats we are receiving at least 3 to 4 unique visitors per day with page views of over 200 and more than 2,400 hits as recent as January 27.

“We are not there yet, and have a long- yet encouraging- way to go before meeting our goals. Our foundation has been prominent and effective in raising domestic abuse awareness and will continue to do so little by little, every day,” Arrindell stated.

“As we continue to update and complete our website, several plans for the future of this website includes, FAQs about the common abuse signs and behavioral patterns in women and children and some other special highlights and statistics, derived from events including Sint Maarten.

Domestic or relational violence comes in many shape and forms. Domestic or relational violence is physical as well as mental aggression. As a civil community we must remain vigilant, be proactive in preventing abuse, as well as report all forms of domestic violence to the police or the public prosecutor’s office who we highly commend for placing this subject on the front burner of their policies.
We keep in our crosshairs the many victims of violence including, those cases that are not yet solved, including the past and recent murders related to domestic or relational violence,” Arrindell concluded.


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Peridot Foundation reports increased web site traffic by

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