People’s opinion about National Security scandal: “This island is full of corruption”

POSTED: 07/16/13 12:17 PM

St. Maarten – Since Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams announced the start of the investigation on corruption within the country’s National Security Department last week, many people were surprised and disturbed to hear about another scandal.

The prime minister had ordered an investigation by the Government Account Bureau (Soab). This investigation is being finalized. “Given the nature of the service and the implications of an investigation for the reputation of our security department and the country in general, extreme judiciousness needs to be exercised in analyzing the result of the investigation and potential actions as a result thereof,” the prime minister said in a statement last week.

Today asked the people on the streets about their opinion, and what they think of the recent developments in St. Maarten.

“This is horrible,” one said. “How can that be possible? I think it is a good thing that the prime minister has started the investigation.”

Another said that it was not surprising at all. “In my opinion this island is full of corruption. You see it all the time, whether it is in government or somewhere else; to me this nothing new.”

“This is really disturbing,” a young lady said. “To hear so many stories about corruption in such a short period of time is not good for the island. And that for a small island as St. Maarten, it seems like it’s everywhere now.”

“This in number how many we hear about corruption,” a local bartender said. “I lost count, and that is not a good thing. I believe that it will never go away; unfortunately people will always hold hands over each other’s head. St. Maarten will always stay like this, this will not go away and that is very sad to see,” he said.

“Everybody has to resign, government, police, the national security, all of them,” another St. Maartener said. “We have to start all over with new and honest people, even though Holland isn’t involved anymore in the decisions that they make in government, it would not be a bad idea if the Dutch government gives their approval on our whole system. So hopefully in the future we don’t have these issues anymore. But I know that that will never happen, it’s like a dream, they will never happen as well.”

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People’s opinion about National Security scandal: “This island is full of corruption” by

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  1. Roman Elavod says:

    National Security Department (NSD) – Is this the SXM new Spy Agency? Waaaaaow!
    And who is their boss. The PM? And they looking into what…corruption in Government. Waaaaaow
    I guess that is one way to give your buddies jobs for life…because that is about how long it will take them to completely eradicate corruption in that Government.

    What constitutional laws are there for National Security?
    What National Security does SXM have to protect?
    Will this spy agency eventually be surveilling everyone?
    What tools are in place for them to use to spy on you – Legal Interception of your phonecalls, your e-mail, your IMs, you text messages, your tweets, etc?
    Who are they sharing it with?