Pensioner Pemberton ponders Hurricane Danny’s arrival

POSTED: 08/24/15 11:55 AM


Constancia PembertonConstancia Eduardo Pemberton in front of her renovated home that was severely damaged by Hurricane Gonzalo in October of last year. Photo Today / Milton Pieters

St. Maarten – Constancia Eduardo Pemberton, a resident of Madrid Drive in Dutch Quarter is quite happy with her new home. After Hurricane Gonzalo severely damaged her digs on October 13 of last year, help came her way and it was completely restored. Now she ponders what to expect from Gonzalo’s cousin, Hurricane Danny.

Pemberton’s house was among the most affected ones by Hurricane Gonzalo. As a pensioner, she had to plead for help to get her place of abode restored to an acceptable standard. “People helped me, I even got help from the church and close friends who gave me food and different things,” the elderly woman said yesterday during a brief interview.

The newly renovated structure which was formerly green and now blue looks quite spacious. Pemberton shares it with one daughter and three grandchildren. However she is not sure if it can witstand gusting winds accompanied by heavy rain.

“I don’t know how strong this new hurricane is, the decision to shelter somewhere else will on how strong it is,” she added. Because of her past experiences, Pemberton said that she is following the progress of Hurricane Danny on the television.

“They said the first one is not so bad, but the second one that is coming behind is more dangerous, and that is the one I am afraid of. You know, we are living in a hole and when it comes into that hole, it’s hard to go back out, and that’s the problem.”

For now, Pemberton’s only contingency plan is to purchase some large plastic bags in which she will store some of her belongings. “Everything else is at the mercy of the Lord.” The same can be said for other residents who were affected by Gonzalo and who are still trying to come to grips with mother nature’s wrath.

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