Pension fund launches information sessions

POSTED: 09/28/12 12:28 PM

St. Maarten – APS, the general pension fund administrator, has launched a series of extensive information sessions for all of its participants. The sessions are held to provide as much information as possible about the APS organization.

Participants get explanations about the fund’s core responsibilities, pension and pension funds, entitlements, participation, pension premiums, calculation of pensions, pension benefits and the process of requesting a pension.

A principle message APS communicates is that the fund works for the more than 2,500 (former) employees of the government, subsidized schools, government companies and agencies.

APS assures all participants that its goal is “to ensure your pension is there for you when you retire.”

As time advances, people have been living longer and healthier. On the other hand, there is less disposable income and an increased cost of living.

Entitlements offered by APS are pensions for seniors, widows and widowers, orphans and disabled people; the fund also offers burial assistance.

Pension premiums are based on contributions from employees and employers.

At one recent session, questions were posed about the entitlement of a participant’s life partner to those left behind after death and pension benefits for unmarried couples. Other questions were about registration.

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