Pelican Resort sub-contractors told to cease activity

POSTED: 01/28/11 12:19 PM

St. Maarten – The companies that have taken over the work previously done by staffers of the Pelican Resort have been told to stop or be faced with a request to pay damages. Wifol’s lead attorney in its planned summary proceedings against the resort, Wim van Sambeek, sent letters with the demand to the four companies on Thursday.
In the brief the van Sambeek informs I.S.S. N.V, of which Tamara Leonard – a board member of the Untied People’s (UP) Party – is the Managing Director, Sheriff Security, Tricia’s Cleaning Service and Spic and Span that they are profiting on a contractual default that affects his client’s members. He urges them to stop and states that court proceedings to claim damages will be filed.
Van Sambeek also confirmed that he continues to work on the petition for the summary proceedings that will be filed in an effort to get the 182 workers at Pelican their jobs back.

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Pelican Resort sub-contractors told to cease activity by

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