Peace Is hosts St. Maarten’s Day fundraiser at Taloula Mangos

POSTED: 10/11/13 2:06 PM

St. Maarten – “Taloula Mangos will again host the best breakfast on St. Maarten’s Day,” Glenville Blake, president of Peace is Foundation, said yesterday at Taloula Mango restaurant at the Sint Rose Arcade on the Boardwalk. “And this is the way to start your St. Maarten’s Day.” For the past 6 years, owners Norman and Su Wathey have hosted the Peace Is Foundation’s breakfast fundraiser on St. Maarten’s Day, 11 November. This will be the 7th year.

Peace Is Foundation’s purpose is to raise funds that help schools and the community to prevent violence through awareness. This year’s proceeds will go to the Helmich Snijders Hillside Christian School in St. Peters. “The beneficiary of this year’s fundraiser, where most of the proceeds will go, is the Hillside Christian School, the one in St. Peters,” Public Relations Officer Lisa Brown said. “The program continues to target awareness on violence prevention programs in schools and for our youth in the community.”

Blake said, “We invite the St. Maarten public to come out, not just to have a wonderful breakfast, but to support violence prevention.” The foundation, he explained, thought “it would be a good idea to have the school actually represented” at the press conference so that everyone could hear directly from the school about its plans and how they expect to benefit from them.

“And true appreciation to Taloula Mangos for being our host for 6 years already, this is our 7th. We thought this was the best place to kick things off,” Blake continued. “It’s really a tremendous support for the foundation. They’re not doing this for any kind of profit, because most of the proceeds go right back to the community. They basically work on a volunteer basis.” He said that there are tickets available for $10, all members of the Peace Is Foundation will have them available for sale and some will be at Taloula Mangos for sale too, some will be available at Nagico offices, and some will be at the school. “We look forward to the support of the St. Maarten community,” Blake said.

“I didn’t have as much grey hair back then,” Wathey reminisced about the first time his restaurant played host. “I admire when people like Glenville and Lisa take time out, take time away from their family, time away from their jobs to devote effort and energy into something good that will help others. I think that is such a great thing to do. And I thank you first for doing that for our community. We’re here for you.” He also thanked his wife and staff for all the work they do for the event. Being a sailing man himself, he said that this year’s St. Maarten’s Day will be quite special because there will be traditional boat races in the harbor.

“We are very, very happy to have been chosen as the recipients,” said school representative, Rozella Groeneveldt. “Our school has a population of 297 students, it’s an elementary school.” She described how the school has embarked on a program to combat violence at the elementary school. She said that “it actually starts there,” at the elementary level. “Even though the violence may not be as serious as at the secondary schools, we think that we need to deal with it right now at this age.” Groeneveldt thanked both the foundation and the restaurant for sponsoring the event.

Blake said that one of the biggest issues in today’s society, and that is often overlooked, is bullying in schools, and that needs to be addressed, he felt. “It starts at the elementary level. This is something parents need to talk to their children about.”

He then once again wished for everyone to come out and have breakfast at Taloula Mangos on St. Maarten’s Day and support this worthy cause.

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Peace Is hosts St. Maarten’s Day fundraiser at Taloula Mangos by

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