Patients speak out: service at hospital second to none

POSTED: 10/22/12 12:52 PM

St. Maarten – Some people beg to differ about the situation at the St. Maarten Medical Center where several complaints were levied against the staff recently. Among them are businessman Paul Jeffery and Station Manager of Menzies Aviation Kenneth Kong who were recently discharged from the hospital.
Paul Jeffery who is suffering from a fracture in the left foot said he was admitted at the Medical Center on Wednesday evening and received one hundred percent attention by the doctors and the nurses who received him at the Emergency Department. “The nurses made me feel as though I was at home. He admits that even though some of the nurses are “young people” they gave him excellent attention since patients could call them anytime and they would come, he said.
The young nurses who are presently in training are “apparently different from the other young people in our society since they show love and treat patients as though they are family. I cannot imagine that there are complaints against the staff of the Medical Center, my experience is different,” he said.
“When I was admitted and remained in the hospital for at least four days the nurses and doctors all acted in a very professional manner. The care is exceptionally at a very high standard and whenever they are required to be with a patient they were there,” Kong said.
The bathrooms and wards are well kept and the nurses are very attentive. Kong who has experienced hospital stays overseas said that he was quite surprised with the professional way that patients were treated when he was admitted at the St. Maarten Medical Center. The care that is administered at the hospital is “second to none.”
“The type of care since that one receives is not something that you experience in many hospitals and because of the way you are treated, it makes you feel much better,” said Kong. “The way the nurses perform is as though you are at a five star hotel and they are receiving a large tip for their services,” said Jeffery.

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Patients speak out: service at hospital second to none by

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