Patient sent to DR for surgery alleges mistreatment by SZV

POSTED: 07/4/16 8:15 PM


St. Maarten News —A patient who was sent to the Dominican Republic to undergo surgery, said he was kicked out of the hotel where he was staying without money and had to stay on the streets for 48 hours. The patient, Ricardo Gumbs was sent to remove the scar tissue in his face arms and upper body following burns from an acid attack. According to Gumbs, the nightmare started after his girlfriend whom he had recommended to the SZV, came to the Dominican Republic take care of him.

In refuting newspaper reports, Gumbs explained that the altercation between him and his girlfriend had nothing to do with a fist fight. He said that his girlfriend, who was staying at the hotel that was provided by the SZV, decided to destroy the bed sheets after he failed to inform her in what he had done with some of his money.

He pointed out that he did not tell her what he was doing because he was planning to purchase an engagement ring for her after he had completed his surgery as a surprise. When the matter of the altercation was reported to the SZV representative in the Dominican Republic, he was expelled from the hotel and threw him in the streets without any funds to purchase food or shelter. He had to remain on the streets on the day it was intended for him to do the surgery. He apparently confronted the SZV representative who told him that he was given the authority from the SZV representatives on St. Maarten to throw him out on the streets.

Gumbs further claimed that the SZV representative in the Dominican Republic told him that the flight back to St. Maarten was during the midday hours when it was in the morning. “If I had not seen a friend who was in the Dominican Republic at the time, I would have missed my flight and may have had to stay longer without any proper boarding and lodging,” Gumbs said.

When he contacted the doctor who was ready to perform the surgery, she told him that she was informed by the St. Maarten representative in the Dominican Republic not to perform the surgery. Meanwhile, the SZV representative apparently found another hotel for his girlfriend and refused to let him know where she was staying.

Apparently, when his girlfriend’s mother called for her, she believed that he had killed her and demanded that he produce the body of the woman, so that she could give her a proper burial. “Even though I told her that I did nothing with her daughter, she did not believe,” said Gumbs.

“I came back to St. Maarten without getting my surgery done because of the SZV representative who was the cause of the problem. I believe that the SZV had eyes for my girlfriend, which was the reason that he took her to another hotel,” he said. Gumbs said that he is still expecting that the SZV to honor their obligation by allowing him to do the surgery as he is still experiencing pain in his face and upper body.

“I really want this surgery done because I suffer excruciating pain in my face and my upper body and the scars are oozing water which I realize is because that the wound is being infected,” he concluded.

Meanwhile Gumbs’ girlfriend, when contacted by the Today said that she is not prepared to speak to any media house on the island before meeting with the SZV to lodge her complaint. Efforts to reach the SZV for a comment were also unsuccessful up to news time.

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