Party leadership stands by its Commissioner – El Hage is not going anywhere

POSTED: 09/18/12 1:28 PM

KRALENDIJK –The Union Patriotiko Boneriano (UPB) will not ask Commissioner Burney el Hage to resign. Instead, the party encourages El Hage to solidify his position, UPB-President Yonchi Dortalina told the Amigoe yesterday.

The UPB-President said that the “judicial terrorism” against El Hage and Ramonsito Booi has taken a new turn. Now that the Fundashon Bon Governashon (the foundation for good governance) and political opponents have lost the case about charges for money laundering, drug trafficking and improper governance it become personal, Dortalina said. “In other words, Booi and El Hage have to be arrested, no matter what. How it is possible that a purely private affair like a mortgage can be linked to a case of government corruption is a mystery.”
Dortalina also wonders how judges are able to state in a court ruling beforehand that the case will probably result in a conviction. Last week the Common Court of Justice ruled that there is a reasonable chance that the two UPB-politicians will be prosecuted in a criminal procedure for land and mortgage fraud.
“There will always be a ruling in a court case. That makes this empty talk that can be used to manipulate politics. Political opponents are already now saying that El Hage is guilty because the judges say so,” Dortalina said.

The UPB-President says that what is now out in the open is a dishonest ruling whereby the accused not even have had the chance to defend themselves. “The UPB is certain that when El Hage tells his side of the story all accusations will fall apart like a house of cards. Now that it is impossible to destroy El Hage politically, attempts are made to destroy him personally. These people have no scruples and they are prepared to destroy someone’s life if that enables them to take politically revenge.”

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Party leadership stands by its Commissioner - El Hage is not going anywhere by

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