Parliament’s annual report: MP Matser has worst  attendance record

POSTED: 09/16/15 10:16 PM


St. Maarten – United People’s party MP Silvio Matser has the worst attendance record for the parliamentary year 2014-2015 in public meetings of parliament and in meetings of the central committee. Matser showed up 56 percent of the time for the meetings of parliament (10 out of 17 meetings) and just 32 percent of central committee meetings (11 out of 33). This appears from the annual report the president of parliament, Dr. Lloyd Richardson presented yesterday after the closure of the parliamentary year.

Also remarkable: UP-leader Theo Heyliger is a member of four parliamentary committees, but he only attended 50 percent of the four meetings of the justice committee. He did not attend a single meeting of the petitions committee, the committee for public housing, urban planning, environment and infrastructure (Vromi), and the ad hoc committee for the new parliament building. Between them, these committees met ten times. Heyliger’s attendance record for the central committee (33 meetings) was 62 percent (21 meetings), and for the public meetings of parliament (18 meetings) 78 percent (14).

The highest and lowest ranking attendance records for the parliamentary committees are as follows.

Central Committee: George Pantophlet 97 percent, Christophe Emmanuel 94 percent; Silvio Matser 32 percent.

Committee Kingdom Relations and Inter-Parliamentary Relations: Leona Marlin-Romeo 100 percent; Frans Richardson 50 percent.

Justice Committee: Marlin-Romeo and Johan Leonard 100 percent; Theo Heyliger 50 percent.

Finance Committee: all members 100 percent.

Committee Country’s Expenditures: Tamara Leonard, Marlin-Romeo, Pantophlet and Maurice Lake 100 percent; William Marlin and Frans Richardson 50 percent.

Petitions Committee: Marlin-Romeo, Johan Leonard and Sarah Wescot-Williams 100 percent; Heyliger 0 percent.

Committee of Healthcare, Social Development and Labor: 7 out of 9 members 100 percent; Franklin Meyers 50 percent.

Committee of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports: Silveria Jacobs and Cornelius de Weever 100 percent; no member below 80 percent.

Committee of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication: Wescot-Williams and Emmanuel 100 percent; Matser 57 percent; Meyers 50 percent.

Committee of Public Housing, Urban Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Vromi): Marlin-Romeo, Wescot-Williams and Lake 100 percent; Heyliger 0 percent.

Ad hoc Committee New Parliament Building: 4 members 100 percent; William Marlin and Matser 50 percent, Heyliger 0 percent.

Ad hoc committee integrity: 5 members 100 percent; William Marlin 50 percent.



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