Parliamentary delegation attends Inter-parliamentary Kingdom Consultation

POSTED: 01/7/15 3:32 PM

St. Maarten – The screening process for candidate ministers has been added to the agenda points of an Inter-parliamentary Kingdom Consultation in Aruba carded for January 6-9. A delegation of six Members of Parliament (MPs) left the island over the weekend to represent St. Maarten at the Inter-parliamentary Kingdom Consultation in Oranjestad, Aruba.

Today, the presidents of the three Parliaments within the Kingdom of the Netherlands– Aruba’s President Marisol Lopez-Tromp, Curacao’s President Marcolino ‘Mike’ Franco, and President Dr. Lloyd Richardson representing St. Maarten– will have their tripartite meeting at the House of Parliament of Aruba. The permanent committee parliamentary delegations that deal with Kingdom and inter-parliamentary matters will also be in attendance.

The discussions will centre on the decision list of the tripartite meeting of April 2014; the democratic deficit; preparations of the agenda for the Inter-parliamentary Kingdom Consultation January 6-9; and the organization of regular tripartite meetings between Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten.

The first six agenda points for the Inter-parliamentary Kingdom Consultation are from the last meeting of June 2014, and MPs will also receive a follow-up and feedback from the work groups youth; education; integrity and good governance; energy; a discussion about the outcome from the conference on health care Aruba; and a follow-up on economic opportunities within the Kingdom.

Five additional agenda points have been added: a dispute and resolution regulation; screening process for candidate ministers; the use of articles 15 and 21 of the regulation of the governor by the Kingdom Council of Ministers; the European Commission against racism and intolerance (ECRI) report and discrimination within the Kingdom; and the state of affairs of handling Kingdom Laws.

The parliamentary delegations from the Kingdom partners will also visit the waste to energy facility as well as the new building for the Court of First Instance of Aruba.

The delegation is headed by President of Parliament Dr. Lloyd Richardson, President of St. Maarten’s Permanent Kingdom Affairs and Inter-parliamentary Relations Committee MP Sarah Wescot-Williams, MP Leona Marlin-Romeo, MP Jon. Johan Leonard, MP William Marlin, MP Frans Richardson, Secretary General Nancy Joubert, advisor Ralph Richardson, and Julien Larmonie. Also part of the Inter-parliamentary Kingdom Consultation are Dutch MPs from the First and Second Chamber of Parliament.  The Dutch delegation will be led by chairman of the Second Chamber’s permanent committee for Kingdom Relations Jeroen Recourt.  Vice Chairperson and First Chamber MP Marijke Linthorst is also part of the Dutch delegation.

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