Parliament members meet with police management

POSTED: 10/16/11 11:46 PM

St. Maarten – On Thursday afternoon three United People’s Party MPs – Johan Leonard, Sylvia Meyers, and Romain Laville – attended a meeting with the police management team headed by Chief Commissioner Peter de Witte along with, acting Chief Carl John, Inspector Ricardo Henson of public relations and communication, head of human resources Lourdes Lake and advisor Henk van Straten.
During this meeting a PowerPoint presentation was given about the plans for the new police structure, the placement plan, the budget, the mobility plan, capacity (manpower), promotions, and recruitment. The drafting and implementation of new laws and the amendment of existing laws were part of this discussion.
The parliamentarians assured the management team that they will do everything in their power to make sure that the police receive all the necessary funds and equipment to be able to upgrade the department and turn it into a professional organization.
After this very informative meeting the Members of Parliament were given a tour of the police station and the new police cells. Future meetings between parties will also be held to monitor the progress of the growth and advancement police organization.

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