Parliament debates at length about 2013 budget amendment

POSTED: 09/13/13 3:55 PM

St. Maarten – The parliament debated yesterday at length about the proposed amendment to the 2013 budget. The meeting began after 5 p.m. in the afternoon and continued way past our deadline. Members of Parliament opted to make broad statements that at times resembled a repeat of the budget debate in April.
The complete Council of Ministers was present in the meeting. The approval of the amendment was a forgone conclusion but that did not stop parliamentarians from addressing a broad range of issues – notably the many motions parliament passed in April and on which government has taken hardly any action – without going into the finer points of the amendment that is designed to balance the budget. These issues were already addressed in the central committee meeting that preceded the public meeting of parliament.
By Monday, Kingdom Relations Minister Ronald Plasterk expects more information from Finance Minister Maarten Hassink about his efforts to balance the budget the previous government left behind with a 30 million guilders deficit, and about the feasibility of the proposed measures.
Next week Friday the Kingdom Council of Ministers will take a decision about issuing a possible instruction to St. Maarten.

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Parliament debates at length about 2013 budget amendment by