Parliament accepts credentials UP-leader Theo Heyliger

POSTED: 10/8/13 11:17 AM

St. Maarten – UP-leader Theo Heyliger will take up the seat in parliament Dr. Ruth Douglass vacated as soon as he is sworn in by Governor Drs. Eugène Holiday. A committee consisting of MPs Dr. Lloyd Richardson, Patrick Illidge and Johan Leonard examined Heyliger’s credentials and found them complete and in order during yesterday’s meeting of parliament.

Several MPs took the opportunity to thank Dr. Douglass for her contribution during the three years she served in parliament and welcomed Heyliger as her successor.

Heyliger won more than 2,900 votes during the elections in September 2010. He became the Minister of Public Housing, Urban Planning, Environment and Infrastructure in the first Wescot-Williams cabinet but he was sidelined after the faction leader of his party at the time, Romain Laville, caused the fall of the government in the calypso coup in April 2012.

Parliament President Drs. Gracita Arrindell, after thanking Dr. Douglass for her contribution and welcoming Heyliger, noted that the number of female parliamentarians is now down from three to two. “I would like to see more female MPs,” she said.

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Parliament accepts credentials UP-leader Theo Heyliger by

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