Parking woes in Mullet Bay

POSTED: 02/27/12 3:52 PM

MULLET BAY – The demolition of the structures at the former Mullet Bay resort have left beachgoers in a bind, because for unknown reasons access to the property has now been barricaded with heavy pieces of concrete. Beachgoers had an easy time before finding a spot to park their car, but now they have to go early if they want to find a spot on the only available parking lot. Otherwise, they have to park further away, close to Maho, and then walk to the beach.

“This is one of the last beaches that is accessible for people without having to pass by security guards,” environmentalist Rueben Thompson told this paper yesterday. “This is not a place where parking should be limited; it should be extended.”

Thompson called on “those responsible” to make parking available. “This situation is ridiculous, he said. The government has to make sure that there is enough parking-space available.”

Thompson added that Mullet Bay ought to be incorporated in a zoning plan whereby there is a ban on building anything between the main road from Maho to Cupecoy and the beach.

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