Parents urged to provide kids with mosquito repellant

POSTED: 10/22/14 9:53 PM

St. Maarten—The appearance of a large number of mosquitoes on the island in the aftermath of hurricane Gonzalo has proven to be more than a minor nuisance and is now causing a level of discomfort and major distractions at some of the islands schools.

Director of the ACE Foundation Claire Elshot is calling on parents of students at that learning institution to provide the children with some sort of protection against the mosquitoes in the form of bug repellants. Elshot explained that while the school did not suffer any major damage during the hurricane of October 13, some screens were broken.

These are now being used as an additional portal into the classrooms by the mosquitoes. In an effort to address the situation Elshot urges parents to arm their kids against these little pests. The issue of the screens is being addressed and the school has already implemented measures to try an eradicate the mosquitoes, however as an additional measure the parents are being asked to cooperate by providing the kids with mosquito repellant.

The Ace Foundation thanks the parents in advance for their cooperation and understanding.


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Parents urged to provide kids with mosquito repellant by

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