Paradise INN now top contender in Futsal

POSTED: 11/28/11 7:55 AM

St. Maarten – After dropping two points from a draw, the Strikers and the RISC Takers who lost their first game to the Paradise INN yesterday are now locked in a battle of their own with only three weeks to go before the grand finale in the tournament.
In the game played yesterday, Shields United FC defeated Funmakers Youth team by 7 goals to 1 after leading by 2-1 at half time. Anthony Dehoux scored a hatrick, Francesco Colantonio netted a hatrick and Don Landefort scored 1. C Lair scored the lone goal for Funmakers Youth.
After being ahead by 2-0 at half time, the Emile Photo Juniors defeated the United Stars Europe by 5 goals to 1. Emmanuel Charles scored a hatrick along with contributions from Stan Stephen and Denzel Usi.
Telstars won by default after a no show by FC Veendam and the AUC who had already recorded a win in the 2nd round denied the Nagico Funmakers a win when they defeated them by 6 goals to 2 after a one goal cushion at half time. David Worthen scored a hatrick, Papo Yotam netted a double and one came off the booths of Hiroto Brett. Scoring for the Funmakers was Johnny Singodikromo and Johnny Singh.
In the game that followed, the Strikers, one of the favorites in the tournament had an early lead in the first half with a goal from Alfonso Stewart. The lead was extended by 2 in the 14th minute when Stewart found Conroy Harding, the keeper defenseless.
But the Ghetto Boyz were able to put their names in the books when Raymion Green capitalized on a penalty with just a little over 3 minutes remaining in the first half. Mark Reid the keeper dived low to his right and the ball went the other way and the Strikers ended the 1st half with a one goal lead.
The Ghetto Boyz, who had an outside chance in the competition were able to equalize in the 26th minute when Green found Reid out of place for the second time to make the game an open affair. Reid, the top contender for the best keeper award was by no means invincible.
Half way into the second half, the score remained the same and the first team to score could go ahead and win the game eventually. Dillion Mitchell was able to do just that for the Strikers in the 35th minute and with time and options running out, the Ghetto Boyz were under pressure.
Rohan Taylor sealed the deal for the Strikers with goal number 4 and just 4 minutes remaining in the game, but the Ghetto Boyz were not giving in. In a last minute move, Lennon replaced Harding in the goal. But Palmer was able to score the 5th goal for the Strikers and they went onto win the game by 5 goals to 2. In the final game of the day, the RISC Takers who were still enjoying an unbeaten streak went up against Paradise Inn who also had a perfect record 4-4.
Paradise INN missed chance to go ahead twice in the 15th minute, but the RISC Takers capitalized on a chance shortly after when Robin Kameman found the nets and half way into the first half, the RISC Takers were still enjoying a one goal lead.
An 11th minute goal from Faizal Bakas made the game equal and seconds after, Lindsay Montcherry scored when the ball ricocheted from the cross bar and for the first time, Paradise INN were in the lead.
As if that lead was not enough, Montcherry scored his second goal to give his team a 3-1 lead with less than 9 minutes remaining in the first half and they had taken over control of the game even after Bakas failed to capitalize on a penalty.
With less than two minutes remaining, Harry Kerssies slipped one into the goal to narrow the lead by Paradise INN. A goal by Bakas was denied by the referee with seconds remaining, but the one goal cushion was enough to inspire Paradise INN going into the second half.
A 24th minute goal from Basil Wong saw Paradise INN extending the lead by 4 goals to 2. Seconds after, Loxely Parker took a pass from Bakas and scored his 1st goal in the game. But the RISC Takers responded shortly after with a goal from Jeroen van Dorrestey.
A long pass after a short run down from Bakas saw Paradise INN extending the lead by with less that 8 minutes remaining in the game. With the exception of one opportunity in which Jason Lindo failed to capitalize on, the remaining of the second half was un eventful, but the Paradise INN won the game.

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