PAR to request Governor’s intervention

POSTED: 02/28/11 12:12 PM

WILLEMSTAD/CURACAO — PAR-leader and former Prime Minister Emily de Jongh-Elhage will write Governor Frits Goedgedrag this week and request he intervene in Curaçao’s government using the guarantee function in the Charter. De Jongh-Elhage’s request is motivated by the desire of the yellow party to ensure the integrity of the Council of Ministers.
The PAR is very concerned about the state of affairs in Curaçao especially where it concerns reports on the cabinet’s relationship with the Security Service Curaçao (VDC).
“The security service is there for the safety of the people and to protect in a rule of law. And now we read in the newspaper that ministers of the current government pressure acting directors to break the law and to act as political friends. This is the umpteenth time this happens, because this government has, since taking office, placed continuous pressure on department heads,” the last Prime Minister of the Antilles said.
In a press release the PAR-leader cites a series of examples of incidents. It refers to the fact that the Government on two occasions has lost a lawsuit in its efforts to suspend the head of the security service. It also refers to attempts by ministers of the current cabinet to appoint political cronies and that the screening of the ministers of the Cabinet was not done in accordance with the rules.
“Intervention is required because of the pressure and the conflicts in which this Government is involved. The messages about the poor relationships between our security service and the Government have reached the Netherlands and the United States,” de Jongh El-hage said.
The PAR faction in Parliament has challenged the screening in Parliament and requested the government change its attitude towards the security service.
“But this yielded nothing and the Government continues to hide behind the protection of its majority of eleven members in Parliament. This matter now has to go to a higher level,” the party statement concludes.

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