Pantophlet wants an end to unfairness

POSTED: 03/27/12 3:35 PM

St. Maarten – National Alliance Member of Parliament (MP) George Pantophlet has accused the tax administration of not being fair in the way it deals with people and businesses under its jurisdiction. He goes on to blame politics and the government’s hands off policy for the imbalance.

The MP is concerned that government is letting especially casinos get away with not paying 25.9 million guilders in fees that they owe since 2001, while a sole proprietor who approached him is being requested to pay 20, 000 guilders in arrears that date back to 1997 and was told to pay in two installments.
“My question would be in how many installments is the 25.9 million guilders supposed to be paid over a period of 12 years,” Pantophlet states.
“We are talking about 12 years and for all intent and purposes it appears as if nothing was being done to collect this astronomical amount of money which is almost 6% of the Budget. Furthermore if one would do their calculations they will come to the conclusion that we talking amount an amount of about 2 million guilders annually,” the MP also states.

As an example of the hands off approach Pantophlet cited an incident where an unnamed employee of the former Island Receiver was sent to the Netherlands on study leave after attempting to collect taxes from a particular resort. That unnamed person has since returned but “is not functioning because of politics.”
Pantophlet has also concluded that there will be cost to the community because of the construction of the causeway in Simpson Bay. He’s drawn the conclusion because Vice Prime Minister Theo Heyliger said, “there is no toll at this time.”

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