Pantophlet submits supplementary questions

POSTED: 03/1/11 12:37 PM

St. Maarten – National Alliance (N.A) Member of Parliament (MP) George Pantophlet has submitted a list of supplementary questions to Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto based on answers to a letter he wrote earlier this year. The Minister replied in February, but it appears his original response has not yet reached Parliament.
Shigemoto’s yes on a question of whether he had contacted someone in Curacao to discuss the payment of 60 million guilders in invoices sent to the government of the Netherlands Antilles has led to further questions. Some of the queries are What is the name of the person the Minister contacted on Curacao who is responsible for the disbursing of some Ang. 60 million to creditors of the former Netherlands Antilles, How much of the Ang. 60 million has already been paid to creditors of the former Netherlands Antilles, On what account has this Ang. 60 million been placed and if no funds were disbursed as yet is any interest being accrued and who will benefit from this and who from St. Maarten has insight into this account to ensure that the funds are allocated properly.
Pantophlet has also raised questions about the government’s financial dealings with Simpson Bay Resort Owner Company which has taken over the former Pelican Resort and Marina. IN his letter he asks Shigemoto to state how much is owed to government in taxes by the former Pelican Resort Owners and over what period and is it one check or several checks that were written to the receivers and what is the present status of the check or checks.
“We also need to know what the status is on the Ang. 40 million that has to be approved by the Dutch for payment to creditors,” Pantophlet stated in a press release.

Timing of response
Even though the MP states that he does not want the matter of when the answers “were received” he chronicled his own investigation into when they were delivered. After reading a statement by the Minister that they’d been delivered since February 11 the MP contacted the Secretary General of Parliament Franklin Hanze. He was told that the letter, which was stamped copy, was delivered on February 23. This leads Pantophlet to conclude, “that the original letter itself has not reached Parliament.”

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