Panel discussion on marijuana April 18

POSTED: 04/10/15 12:06 PM

St. Maarten – An impressive panel of seven which boasts two doctors, one of which is a visiting American brain doctor, will convene in Belair on April 18th for a herbal discussion and awareness discussion centered around marijuana, its uses, the effects of using it, legalization etc.

Ras Bushman of the Freedom Fighters band is one of the seven panelists as well as one of the organizers and he noted that in this 21st century it’s a good idea to discuss the topics that are making life difficult for many people.  “Everybody is touching the point of marijuana all over the world now, some legalize it in certain States, some discriminate it others tolerate it. It’s good for us to come together with different experts who see it in different positive and negative ways for us to reason and come to a mutual over-standing about it,” Ras Bushman said yesterday.

One of the more interesting panelists carded for this discussion is a doctor who suffered with category four cancer and claims to have used marijuana as an option in his treatment plan with impressive results. This doctor is said to have tried most of the traditional medicines for cancer including chemotherapy before including marijuana in his treatment. There are also two local businessmen on the panel and attendance has been requested from the Turning Point Foundation, Ministers, Parliamentarians and other key stakeholders in the local community and Bushman opined that it is important for the ministers in particular to listen to the varying view points on this discussion.

Some islands in the Caribbean have already started similar discussions with some even taking the step of decriminalizing small portions of marijuana. “We were planning to have a discussion like this for more than seven to eight years but the time wasn’t right, plus there are many people who are ignorant of the fact. They prefer to drink rum, or smoke cigarette or cigar but still have a problem with someone else smoking the simple herb marijuana or using it for medicinal reasons. That’s a part we plan to touch on also, because it’s not only smoke you can smoke the herb, you can use it for medicine. Rastas, we use it as sacramental but plenty people still have issues with it. I mean why fight a little herb? What it do?” Ras Bushman questioned.

“ A lot of people come out of the closet now because some people when they reach home from their hard days’ work  they want to relax with their family and smoke a little herb and remove their stress but they are scared for the system to know because the system is against it. Children should not smoke because they have to prepare themselves for their future but it has a lot of them that want to smoke and get high. It ain’t nothing about smoke and get high. There are a lot of topics we are going to touch to make people more aware of what this herb is and what we can make with it. It’s not just smoking. All the dollar bills, they can be made from hemp. All the papers, the white outs it’s made from hemp because they last years before they are destroyed. From the seeds we make oil we make all kinds of minerals. I mean it’s time for us to stop fighting something just because we don’t overs (understand) it,” Ras Bushman concluded.

The panel discussion will be held on Saturday April 18th from 7:00pm at the Belair community center.   

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