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POSTED: 04/10/15 11:24 AM

St. Maarten—The 27th annual PaBen Carnival Happy Hour radio show was carded to begin yesterday, but had to be postponed due to technical difficulties being experienced by host radio station PJD2. The show will air today.

In its 27th year, the show with its well-known local icon host PaBen covers all things of carnival and gives much needed air play to local artists in particular the calypsonians. Contestants from the various shows are invited in for discussions and interviews throughout the program which is aired during the carnival season from 3 to 5pm Monday’s to Fridays.

“As a young boy I always loved music and in particular calypso. I decided to start this program 27 years ago because I noticed that during our carnival season our local calypsonians were not receiving as much air play as they should. I started this program and feature local calypsoes from the current year to give persons an opportunity to become familiar with the lyrics of the songs contending for road march and calypso monarch before the night of the event. I also interview the international acts that are invited to perform here for the carnival,” Pa Ben said in an invited comment.

Pa Ben anticipates that this year’s program will be even more packed than previous years with the addition of the Soca Rumble which he believes adds another dimension to this year’s carnival. “This year the calypsonians have brought their songs out early and that is a good thing because it means they can get even more airplay and give the people more chances to learn the lyrics. I will also feature as many as the tunes from the Soca Rumble competitors as possible. The show is not only heard in St. Maarten but has listeners as far as Holland, the rest of the Caribbean and Europe and even Africa.

“I have been doing this show for 27 years and PJD2 has been instrumental in making sure we get it on the air. Don Hughes, Stephen C, Lady Grace, Shadow and practically everybody there is always willing to help and I can’t thank them enough.”

The Pa Ben happy hour will be aired love every weekday from 3 to 5pm and listeners are invited to tune in and be part of this program.

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