Out of uniform officers thrill audience

POSTED: 10/15/12 3:47 PM

St. Maarten – In a presentation that would have made any fashion designer proud, eight female and seven male officers of the law demonstrated that they were not only trained to serve and protect, they can also entertain an audience.

This remarkable new development took place during the intermission of the police song festival last Saturday at the Convention Center in Maho. The officers went through a series of modeling sessions with Fabiana Richardson.  They were all ready to show what they had to offer starting from sports, casual, formal and evening.

The audience had an up close view of the models and what they wore as they casually sauntered through the rows of seats. Stopping here and there for someone to take a quick picture or just producing a warm smile showing that even cops have a softer side, they just need an opportunity to show it.

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