Ouenniche wants relaxation of sole proprietorship rules

POSTED: 08/17/11 11:21 AM

St. Maarten – Executive Director of the Small Business Development Foundation Ludwig Ouenicche has urged members of Parliament to amend the regulations governing the establishment of a sole proprietorship. Though it is the “easiest way” for Dutch citizens living here to start a business, Ouenniche believes that the rules are still too restrictive.
“Once you start an eenmanszaak (sole proprietorship) you can’t hire anyone, you can’t get health insurance. We think people should at least be allowed to use this to create a family business, because they will also likely, have to deal with the consequences if it fails, so we believe it should be opened so that family members can assist in the business,” Ouenniche said.
The SBDF Director has also pressed MPs to support the government’s efforts for St. Maarten to become an associate member of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) as part of a broader focus by the body politique on integrating St. Maarten into the Caribbean region.
Ouenniche also asked MPs to zoom in on three areas immediately, so that small businesses would flourish. These are the creation of policies and laws that will stimulate the creation of new businesses, securing an amnesty on the payment of old taxes and ensuring that the needs of small and medium enterprises are reflected in all fiscal, economic and social policies.
One policy that Ouenniche wants to see is incentives for companies that give students the chance to work with them during the slower summer months.
“We should make what they invest in having the student there tax deductable. This should be written well, so the system is not abused,” the SBDF Director also said.
Ouenniche has also stressed the need for MPs to enquire about the status of an idea to establish a competition authority and to press government to create more laws on consumer protection.
“Believe me 50 percent of the abuse that consumers here deal with, will immediately stop if we have strong consumer protection laws. The other 25 percent will be fined and the other 25 percent will be motivated to stop when they see others get fined,” Ouenniche told MPs.

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