Otto was involved in rivalry between two drug gangs

POSTED: 10/24/11 1:50 AM

WILLEMSTAD – Devon Otto, the killer of census office employee Stanley Gumbs back in 2008, got himself involved in the rivalry between two drugs gangs in Curacao while he was detained in Willemstad. The two inmates he shot in September in the prison in Curacao were members of the Kani-family.

According to the Amigoe, the Kani’s have connections with a drugs gang in Koraalspecht Ariba. They have a longstanding rivalry with another gang from Koraalspecht d’Abou.

Aldrin Kani was shot to death with an automatic weapon Saturday a week ago while he was waiting for his turn at a local hairdresser. Ten days before the killing shots were also fired at the 38-year-old, who had just completed a prison sentence.

Last Saturday his funeral took place under heavy police protection. Everyone who attended the funeral was frisked by police officers.

Amigoe reported that Devon Otto was paid for the shooting in the prison. Unconfirmed rumors suggest that his principals did not pay him in the end, because his victims survived.

Otto is currently detained in Pointe Blanche. Justice Minister Duncan is awaiting a reply from the Netherlands on his request to transfer him to the Netherlands.

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