Opposition sees cracks in coalition over key appointment

POSTED: 06/7/11 2:15 PM

St. Maarten – The opposition National Alliance faction has called Monday’s request by the three factions supporting the government to send the proposal for the appointment of a Deputy Secretary General back to the Presidium of Parliament proof that the coalition is divided. The request for the third handling in the presidium came from Democratic Party (D.P) faction leader Roy Marlin and was seconded by both Jules James and Johan Leonard.
“This is a non-discussion point at this moment and the presidium needs to take another look,” the D.P. faction leader said.
The N.A. faction leader William Marlin said he and his colleagues were surprised to see the point back on the agenda especially since there was no new proposal.
“We will now await the outcome of the presidium and we hope this is not some sort of backdoor appointment. We definitely would not like the idea if it’s changed and he’s appointed, and then once it’s out of the reach of Parliament that he is then transferred to the Secreteriat,” William Marlin said.
He added, “This matter was totally mishandled and mismanaged.”
N.A. MP Frans Richardson called the appointment “a bouncing boy agenda point” and that he was urging the presidium “to fix what is not right” and submit another proposal.
“To see this agenda point again and to see the members in the coalition asking for it to be sent back shows there is a lack of togetherness and I believe it continues to show the weakness of what is going on. I also could not sit here and see another St. Maartener bounced around. I do hope we can see some appointments soon so that Parliament can truly start to function and in this case I say let’s see how quickly we can resolve this issue,” Richardson said.
William Marlin later added, “This debate is a lack of preparedness on the part of the presidium and then the coalition comes here without an agreement.”
As a counterargument Roy Marlin put forward that the coalition did not exist in Parliament and that each MP was free to make their own decision on the appointment.
“That is how our democracy flows,” the D.P. faction leader said.
Based on the statements the matter was referred back to the presidium for review.

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