Opposition not surprised about Ronald Plasterk’s reaction

POSTED: 11/6/14 9:21 AM

ORANJESTAD, Aruba – Opposition parties MEP and PDR are not surprised about the opinion of Kingdom Relations Minister Ronald Plasterk that the instruction to Aruba’s governor is lawful and does not violate the country’s autonomy, Ariën Rasmijn reports on Caribisch Netwerk.

MEP-leader Evelyn Croes-Wever hopes that the discussion about the validity of the royal decree is over and that it is possible to focus again on Aruba’s financial crisis. “The AVP needs that one page from the advice of the Council of Advice about the validity of the royal decree to justify Prime Minister Mike Eman’s hunger strike.”

“The party apparently did not read the rest of the advice, because that is as negative or even worse that the earlier advice from the Council of Advice,” Croes said.  “Let us focus our attention now on the budget, because we are the only country in the Kingdom without a budget. We reject the confrontational attitude of Eman and his party towards the Netherlands. If it continues like this we will soon get the next instruction and we really don’t want to see that happen.”

“If I understand the reaction correctly, the Kingdom minister says that the one who can do more, like voiding a national ordinance, is also able to do less. That means for the sake of carefulness, first commission an investigation into the budget and only afterwards decide about signing,” says PFT-leader and jurist Andin Bikker. “Legally such reasoning is not unusual.”

The PDR-leader says that the government devotes “an enormous amount of attention” to the procedure that led to the royal decree and “not enough attention to the emergency signal it sent.”

Bikker explains: “Namely that the unprecedented increase of the national debt in such a short governing period has to be stopped.”

AVP faction leader René Herdé says that he has not read Plasterk’s letter yet, but that the discussion about the validity of the instruction proves the need for a regulation to settle disputes.

Minister Plasterk answered on Tuesday questions from VVD parliamentarian André Bosman, indicating that the governor acts as Kingdom representative with the instruction and not as a country representative. For this reason, the instruction does not violate Aruba’s autonomy. Apart from that, the governor acts within his authority, Plasterk wrote in his answer, an apparent reaction to statements made by Council of State member Mito Croes and Frits Goedgedrag, chairman of Aruba’s Council of Advice.

Croes allegedly spoke out against the instruction before his appointment to the Council of State. Plasterk notes that Goedgedrag did not make a statement as an individual. Members of the Council of State’s Advice-department, who also expressed negative sentiments about the instruction, will be called on this by de chairman of their department.


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