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POSTED: 11/7/12 12:43 PM

For sure, the excitement about presidential elections in the United States is always huge. That’s because everything in America is huge. At the end of the day though, Uncle Sam’s 45th president is just another politicians taking office. whether his name is Obama or Romney does not really matter all that much, unless of course you are blinded by racial undertones and consider the race to be one between black and white.

When Obama won the presidency in 2008 it was an achievement that made many blacks proud – and justly so. Obama became the proof that the color of one’s skin is not the decisive factor in the race for the White House. But amidst all the enthusiasm, also in St. Maarten, we remember our astonishment that our news editor at the time did not even manage to spell Obama’s first name correctly in a headline on our front page.

Of course Obama’s victory was an achievement. Suddenly everybody was mimicking the Yes We Can slogan. Obama seemed to be on his way to inspire blacks around the globe. How wonderful it would have been if that inspiration had lasted beyond the euphoria of his victory.

We know now that it did not last, and that is unfortunate. Instead of feeling free and liberated after what was indeed a historical achievement of humongous and unprecedented proportions, too many blacks have returned to a place where they should not want to be: the place where victimhood and the slavery-mantra rule.

Obama’s image as America’s first black president has faded over the years. That is okay, because he is not black in the first place, he is the president in the first place. And in that role, he is just another politician who made it to the Oval Office.

The question on many people’s mind is now whether America is ready to swap a black president for a Mormon president. At the moment of this writing it was unclear which way the presidential race would go. No matter: the question is wrong. It is not about black or Mormon, it is about a social (not to be confused with socialist) America or an America for Romney’s kind of people.

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