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POSTED: 11/19/13 4:11 PM

Attorney-General Dick Piar was the subject of illegal wiretaps in 2011 we learn from a statement by the AG who will leave office per February 1 of next year.

While local newspapers in Curacao report that “Dutch agents” put a tap on Piar’s phone – a statement that has been denied nor confirmed by anyone – it stands more to reason to assume that the Schotte-cabinet had something to do with this most remarkable activity.

Schotte’s government was highly critical of basically everyone who was not a member of his government – from board members on government owned companies and the media to, indeed the Public Prosecutor’s Office and by extension the attorney general.

Let us not forget that the former Justice Minister in Curacao, Elmer Wilsoe was on a mission against Piar in May of last year. First he intervened in the Bientu-investigation that targets Robbie dos Santos. Wilsoe said that he would order the attorney-general to stop the investigation via a so-called general instruction. Later on it turned out to be an empty threat and nothing came of it – the Bientu-investigation is still in full swing and according to the prosecutor’s office in Curacao practically ready to go to court.

Wilsoe also intervened in Piar’s order to put a lien on bank accounts belonging to Dos Santos companies in the United States. Again, to no avail.

At the height of the controversy with his attorney-general, Wilsoe revoked Piar’s authority over requests for mutual legal assistance in criminal cases.

If Dutch agents tapped Piar’s phone it is more likely that they did this for his protection than for any other purpose. But the Schotte-cabinet had a beef with Piar and Wilsoe may have made an attempt to embarrass him by tapping his phone.

For now, of course, it is unclear who tapped Piar’s phone and for what reason. But the first idea that comes to mind when contemplating such a situation is often not far from the truth.

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