Opinion: Wiels

POSTED: 07/27/12 12:42 PM

The political situation in Curacao has become extremely volatile after MAN-MP Cleopa withdrew his support for the coalition government. With Cleopa’s departure, the Schotte-cabinet no longer has a majority in parliament.
These things happen, but in Curacao nothing is normal. Thus it happened that Helmin Wiels, the loudmouthed leader of Pueblo Soberano, advised Cleopa to order a coffin. One could dismiss such garbage with a shrug saying, oh well, Wiels is at it again. And indeed he is.
While even Wiels’ most outrageous statements are just words that usually lack substance, they do have an adverse effect on Curacao’s political climate. Wiels is not someone who will happily agree to disagree. He has to push his populist version of politics. If you are not for Wiels, you are against him, a flawed philosophy that puts him in the Geert Wilders category.
If the Schotte-government collapses due to Cleopa’s move, many Curacaoleneans will let out a huge sigh of relief, but it is too early to celebrate anything. First we’d have to see the alternative.

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