Opinion: “Wiels has become completely insane”

POSTED: 01/16/12 12:54 PM

The Amigoe in Curacao gave a remarkable twist to the story about the delegation that left the Inter-Parliamentary Kingdom Consultation on Friday. Curacao left because it was unable to convince the other three delegations that it were just to include its minority point of view about the Kingdom Charter and Kingdom Consensus legislation in a list of agreements at the end of the conference.

According to the Amigoe, Curacao left because especially the Dutch delegation opposed this.

The truth is that the Netherlands, Aruba and St. Maarten all agreed that Curacao’s opinion should not be included. It is absolutely incorrect to claim that the Netherlands was leading some sort of post-colonial attack on that poor delegation from Curacao.

On the contrary, the three delegations make every effort to offer a compromise, but the most stubborn party at the table was Curacao.

It was no pleasure cruise for Curacao last week, or so we hear. Delegates told us independently from each other that Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels had spent the better part of an hour on a tirade against the other delegation members on Thursday evening. Further details were not provided, but it seems clear that Parliament President Ivar Asjes and his party leader Wiels came to St. Maarten with starkly different opinions than some of the other delegates.

Wiels and Asjes played the independence-card on more than one occasion in a way that suggested there was someone in the room to withhold Curacao from going its own way. The right to self-determination is well-established, but the current government in Willemstad does not have a mandate from its population to pursue this avenue. It is a pipedream born in the bedroom of Helmin Wiels and some of his associates, but the idea is not supported by a majority of the population.

The way to go for the government is therefore to organize a referendum and to ask its population for that mandate. But because that same population has defeated the independence-route already on two different occasions, the Schotte-cabinet is most likely afraid it will get a result from such a referendum that it does not want to hear about. For the time being it is much more attractive to rant in the media about how The Hague threatens the democracy in Curacao. That referendum may come one day, and Curacao is welcome to organize it, but for the time being it is not going to happen.

Wiels is a controversial character in his own country. An Amigoe-reader reacted to his clash with socialist Party MP Ronald van Raak with the line, “I have come to the conclusion that Wiels has become completely insane, if he was not already insane in the first place. He is a first class coward that does not dare to hold a referendum. The man is a disgrace for the complete democratic process. Away with that man; the sooner the better.”

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