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Some of the suspects in the Vesuvius-trial carry household names, but apart from that we do not know a lot about them.
Alleged gang leader Omar J. had slight brushes with the law in 2005, but it did not come to any conviction. A case of ill-treatment was conditionally dismissed and for a charge of theft with the use of violence there was insufficient proof for a conviction.
J. studied business administration and mathematics at the High School in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. His father told investigators that his son studied in the Netherlands from 1996 until 2006. “When he came back he was a different person. He had a different way of thinking. For instance, Omar did not believe anymore in the days that are going to come, but he lived from day to day.”
J. never opened up to investigators – he exercised his right to remain silent.
The alleged hit man of the group, Carlos R. has a criminal history. He was released from prison in February 2011 after serving 2 years for shooting at Sheldon Thomas, who is in the meantime deceased because he was murdered on August 19 of last year. Prosecutors think this case is linked to the Vesuvius-file but it has not managed to clinch the case.
R. lives on financial support from his girlfriend and Omar J. who calls him his younger brother.
He told investigators: “My only friend is Facebook.”
There is some poetry there too prosecutors noted yesterday when they quoted the following post from R.’s Facebook-page.

I’m da man, go ahead, ask ur fellas
pistol so close even my shadow getting jealous
eaten thes punks4breakfast lunch&dinner
u sayiing I’m a sinner but I’m feelin like a winner
nothing da I’m pushin isnt lease
time2treat u lek a feast
me beggin mercy motherf**kerz-please
I’m not da type 2b beggin on my knees

Erno L. was sentenced in 1999 for public violence. Drug charges stemming from a case in 2010 are still open and L. will still have to face charges for a fight at the Bada Bing adult entertainment club.
L. works as a hairdresser (when he is not in prison) and he has three children who live with their mother in the United States. He also exercised his right to remain silent.
Doniel Th. appeared on the judicial radar in 2004 and he has several convictions to his name for theft and theft with the use of violence. Shortly after his arrest he made some statements but from December 8 of last year he has steadfastly refused to get out of his cell to be interrogated. He did not want to say anything about the charges and nothing about his personal circumstances.
Ekron M. paid a fine for stealing or fencing a car in 2008. A case of making threats was dismissed for lack of evidence. On the very day of the shooting at the Tan Tan supermarket on April 20 of last year he had just been released from the police station. M. has a wife and two children and is a body mechanic.
Charles F. was sentenced in 2008 for a theft with the use of violence committed in 2004 to 4 years imprisonment (with 1 year suspended). In 2011 he was sentenced for ill-treatment with a firearm and for firearm possession to 84 days (of which 30 days suspended) with 2 years of probation. The charges he is currently facing where committed when he was on probation. F. followed a technical study and worked in the past for Gebe. He opted to cooperate with the investigation and has not spared himself in his statements.
Andrew D. had brushes with the law for making threats, destruction and ill-treatment. Three cases were dismissed, twice for lack of evidence and once because he had settled with the injured party. He came to St. Maarten in 2011, got his A-levels and worked as a sub-contractor. D. also cooperated with investigators and made several incriminating statements about his co-defendants. He did not open up about his own role which is, according to the prosecution, seen from his perspective not all that surprising. D.’s cooperativeness has had consequences for his own safety and he has been detained for some time at a House of Detention outside of St. Maarten.

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