Opinion: White elephant

POSTED: 11/27/13 12:35 PM

The court has spoken and now we will have to wait for the effect. Developer RGM won its court case against the government about the new government administration building on Pond Island.

It is hard to believe that any government would order a huge building, pay more than $1.9 million a year in fees for it and leaves it empty for the next five years. Still this is what our government has allowed to happen and there is no excuse in the world to justify this situation. The tax payers have by now seen more than $11.5 million of their tax dollars disappear into this project, while private parties happily keep collecting rent for buildings they lease to government agencies all over town.

It took a daring developer that finally had had enough and took its plight to court to shake up the indecisive government that just could not muster the creativity to find a speedy solution to one of its most costly blunders of the past decade.

Now the court has ordered the government to move into the building within twelve months, or face a $5,000 penalty for each day it missed that deadline. Interestingly, the court did not – as is usual in most cases– a maximum on these penalties. In other words, if the government does not get its act together, it will face a never-ending barrage of penalties at a clip of $1,825,000 a year or $456,250 per quarter – close to what it has been paying for the last five years on fees to the developer. If that is not an incentive to get things done, we’re all lost, and the white elephant with the green hat will sink into its own misery.

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