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POSTED: 10/31/11 12:28 PM

Fashion designer Mauricio Gucci’s widow Patrizia has spent the past fourteen years in prison. In 1998 she was sentenced to 29 years of imprisonment because she had been so unkind to murder her husband.
A court ruled recently that mama Gucci is ready for penitentiary leave, because she has been a model prisoner. But the lady is not happy with that idea and she refused to reclaim her freedom. The 63-year-old, (in) famous for her statement, “I’d rather cry in a Rolls Royce than be happy on a bicycle” prefers to keep tending to her plants in her prison cell.
“I have never worked a day in my life and I really am not going to start now,” she told a rather astonished judge.
Already in 2005, the court gave Gucci permission to visit her mother and her two daughters every week. That’s all the freedom the lady wants, especially because her trips to Corsica and Venice allow her to go shopping in Milan’s expensive shopping district. Would she still wear, eh, Gucci?
Hmm, maybe the lady craves something more extravagant, though for the life of us we would not be able to come up with an example. That’s because we don’t have the same taste as mamma Gucci, born Reggiani Martinelli. Before her murder conviction she was well-known for her extremely expensive taste and exorbitant life style. The old Gucci put a stop to all that girlie nonsense in 1985 by divorcing her.
He didn’t want to go down in history as the Italian version of Scrooge, so he offered his soon to be ex $650,000 as a parting gift.
Reggiani was not amused with that offer, considering that Gucci had an estimated fortune of between €86 ($120 million) and €130 million ($181 million).
And when a lady gets mad, you never know what she’s gonna do next. Reggiani pulled out all the stops and bought herself two professional killers. These guys pumped three bullets into Gucci’s head near the Palazzo in the center if Milan where he had set up his office after he had sold the largest part of his fashion house to an Arab investment group. It took the police two years to figure out that Reggiani was behind the killing.
What is the local lesson to be learned from this story? Guys, pay attention for god’s sake and start paying your child support.

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