Opinion: We’re not alone (…there’s life in space)

POSTED: 07/17/14 4:46 PM

Good news or bad news? The American space organization Nasa says that we are not alone and that it will prove this point within the next twenty years. The scientists that participated in a discussion at Nasa headquarters on Monday seem to agree that finding life in space is only a matter of time. Nasa scientists say that there are one hundred million worlds in the  Milkyway where life is possible. The estimate refers to the 17 billion earthlike planets that circle the approximately 100 billion stars in the Milkyway.

Nasa thinks it will be able to establish the presence of water on these celestial bodies with telescopes.

In 2017, Nasa will launch the Transiting Exoplanet Surveying Satellite in an orbit around earth. In 2018 the James Webb space telescope of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore follows.

The director of this institute, Matt Mountain is excited: “Just imagine the moment the world wakes up and humanity realizes that her long loneliness in time and space is over,” he says.

Hmm, in the meantime, St. Maarten still has to produce a balanced budget every year, so there is no reason for great excitement yet.

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